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We Solve Problems

The central issue that most family businesses identify is of communication. Productive communication within the family business is often difficult at best. At Northeast Family Business Consulting, we teach effective communication and motivation techniques that help family business owners and employees move beyond conflict and all other underlying challenges that have served as roadblocks to healthy and effective communication. This results in strengthened business and family relations, greater efficiency in managing employees, achieving solutions to previously reoccurring problems, and instilling a positive attitude.

What Makes Us Unique

To provide consulting services resulting in effective and permanent change, it is necessary for the consultant to understand the effect of emotional and subconscious factors and motivations at work in a family business environment. My unique work history and skill set qualifies me not as just a family business consultant or family counselor, BUT as BOTH.

How We Do It...Our Specialties

  • Conflict within a family business is usually more difficult to resolve then in a conventional or closely held business. In a family business, the relationships are complex, substantial, and implications far reaching beyond the business.

    Family business conflict generally is not about what superficially presents itself. We at NEFBC address all issues, superficial and underlying, to resolve the conflict and ensure the issues and challenges do not reoccur. We create a safe environment essential to free and open communication.

  • Family business crisis situations can develop and occur rapidly, and without warning…a response is mandatory. Most business owners are not trained in crisis response and resolution. Our understanding of family dynamics at all levels, especially in a business situation allows us to skillfully deal with the crisis as it impacts the family business and the individual family members.

  • Disputes within the family business are often the result of underlying, persisting, and unresolved structural and personal issues. The goal of the generically-trained mediator is to address and resolve a specific dispute. NEFBC mediates specific disputes but also identifies larger family systems conflict. In these circumstances, our client is not one individual, but the family business system.

    The goal is to address and resolve the systemic issue with a resulting sense of relative “fairness and acceptance,” so that when similar circumstances arise, mediation is not necessary. We provide a true and neutral third-party perspective based on business expertise and family systems analysis. Issues we address in mediation include family business control issues, inheritance/succession planning, sale of the family business, profit sharing, and bonus determination.

  • Succession Planning details how the family business owner will transition over a period of time out of the company’s day to day operations. Some family businesses don’t consider it at all, and some minimally then fail to act any further. A thorough thought process should result in a specifically delineated succession strategy.

    The process should include input from all sources to identify capable leaders and performers while planning to address the impact on and reaction of all family members. Addressing these multi-generational planning issues around the ownership and management of your family business assets is essential to ensure smooth generational transition and business sustainability.

  • Family Business Meetings can be difficult and unpredictable whether they take place in the boardroom or living room. Meetings can begin routinely and escalate to unproductive and destructive conflict and confrontation. As family businesses grow and thrive, they need to evolve beyond the characteristics of its infancy.

    Most families find that as their businesses grow there is a need to formally discuss relevant family business issues. We are skilled facilitators of family meetings, stressing productive and results-oriented communication techniques. Successful family business meetings leave everyone with a desire to come together again soon.

What to Expect

  • We can meet onsite or at your place of business.
  • We perform an objective and comprehensive assessment from both a business and family systems perspective.
  • We gain a complete understanding of your family business.
  • We identify the strengths and challenges within your family business.
  • We tailor a custom action plan to address your challenges.
  • We help you apply resources to overcome challenges to achieve desired results.
  • We specialize in tools that promote effective communication and enhance your work and family environment to facilitate success.